Whether you grew up with Columbo, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, or Gil Grissom; everyone loves a good murder mystery. The adrenaline starts to pump as the clue fall into place, connecting one piece to the next, you know you are getting close now. A shoe impression, a partial print, DNA from a strand of hair; you know what to look for. Where law enforcement and science come together you can now be a part of a crime scene investigation. Let’s see if all those mystery novels and crime shows can pay off for you. Authorities have tracked a notorious mob gangster to his safe house in the city. He was arrested on the scene for murder, however corruption within the legal system and this mobster’s high paid legal team will have him out on bond within the hour where he will vanish into the city’s underworld. You and your expert crime scene unit have been called to the scene to secure solid evidence and a murder weapon that will keep this gangster locked up for good. Justice is in your hands. Get ready for your assignment and book today at Escape Frenzy


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