For years and decades our entertainment has been delivered to us in prepackaged and predetermined formats. We sit passively in the audience like a passenger on the amusement train hoping for a momentary chuckle all to be forgotten within a few minutes, days, or weeks. You sit in the dark at the movies, you sit on your sofa in front of the TV, sit in the stadium sporting event, watch the concert, sit silently through the play; always only a witness to the activities.


It’s time to escape the tedium and monotony of being a bystander. Get up, stop sitting, and start driving your life. No more watching the action; start being a part of it! Escape rooms are exploding because you drive the adventure and get to be the main character in the memories you create. We’ll bet you don’t remember who won the Super Bowl three years ago, but we’ll guarantee you will never forget finding the switch that opened the secret compartment in your escape room game. Start living your life to the fullest. Experience is everything! Book an escape room now at Escape Frenzy.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.