At Escape Frenzy we went above and beyond to design you a bona fide looking pirate’s lair. Players routinely tell us how authentic it is and how it feels so real. Our pirate escape room will stir up your intrigue and awe. As a youth, most of us were fascinated by the tale of Peter Pan and the exploits in Robert Louis Stevenson’s; Treasure Island. Swashbuckling pirates represent the iconic rebellious bad boys who live life on their own terms and play by their own rules. We all like to break the rules once in a while and walk on the wild side. At Escape Frenzy we give you that chance with Pirate’s Revenge. We are giving you the opportunity to be a seadog who has broken into the lair of your arch enemy, Captain Hawkins, who had the nerve to plunder your booty. Explore this realistic pirate hideout and solve the clues that will lead you back to your treasure. You’ll need to hurry though because Captain Hawkins and his crew are on their way back from the tavern after having a few pints. Your task is to escape the room with your treasure victoriously reclaimed! Sign up today and let your adventure begin at Escape Frenzy.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.