My wife wants to go shopping for some new shoes – Nope! My husband wants to go mountain biking – Not going to happen. She wants to ride horses by the water – This isn’t a romance novel. My hubby wants to eat popcorn over an old western marathon – Really? She wants to try ballroom dancing – Ah, how about the polka while we’re at it. He thinks we’re going to the car show – Not with me. The wife wants to work together on some scrapbooking – I stopped doing collages in 3rd grade. He says the weather is great for fishing – Not when I just got my nails done pal. Will we ever be able to decide on something?


My coworkers just did an escape room and had a blast. I’d be up for an adventure where we don’t get dirty. Air conditioning is a bonus. I love to show you how smart I am. Escape Frenzy has a Pirate themed room. I could explore Atlantis with you. CSI, mobsters and murder mystery. Maybe, but the Haunted House looks pretty cool too. They all look awesome, you pick. Really, I get to pick? There’s no bad choice with these escape rooms. I love how flexible you are; I knew I married you for a reason.


Make the most of your weekend at Escape Frenzy. Who knows, we might just keep your marriage together.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.