Adulthood looked so appealing when we were kids. We want nothing more than to hurry up and grow up so we could do all the fun stuff adults got to do. Ahh, to be young and naïve. Who knew it would be filled with drudgery and repetition day in and day out. Get up, go to work, run errands, do chores. As adults we now miss the mystery and adventure that our childhoods brought us every day. Everything was new and interesting. Life was an experience of learning and navigating. We marveled at the subtleties that as adults we now overlook and dismiss. At times the monotony is mind numbing and life feels so bland. Before you develop clinical depression, start living life again!


Got 60 minutes? We’ve got an adventure for you. This is not reclaiming your youth by getting back on a bicycle. This is a whole new experience. You will become the starry eyed, slack jawed child you once were. Enter the immersive world of Escape Frenzy where you can experience an escape room like never before. Our rooms make you feel like you are really there with décor and effects that will amaze you. Escape the commonplace and tedium of everyday life and savor an experience you will never forget. Start living again at Escape Frenzy.


Experience is everything!


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.