Your job is hard enough, and now they want you to do corporate team building! A stuffy conference room sharing feelings with coworkers. Seriously! Maybe we’ll do the trust fall too. Ah, no thanks! Trendy and progressive companies have finally figured it out. Escape rooms have become the newest venue for corporate team building.

Awesome experience, tons of fun; and the company is paying for it? Count me in.

Team building at Escape Frenzy is also you chance to show management what you’ve got. Impress then with your ability to communicate and cooperate with the group. This is the perfect activity to let your creativity and drive loose. Demonstrate your problem solving and leadership skills all while laughing and having a blast with your colleagues. Share our information with your boss, and who knows, you may actually look forward to going to work for the next corporate team building exercise.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.