Easter has great memories for most of us that started in childhood. We couldn’t wait for Easter morning to arrive so we could go in search of our Easter Baskets or go out into the yard to look for eggs. It was one great big hide and seek event. There was nothing more thrilling than hunting for treasure and being rewarded with a prize. The search was as much fun as the goodies. It is a time to spend with family bonding and connecting.


After you’re done indulging the kids, head down to Escape Frenzy for round two. Our escape rooms are like hide and seek for grownups. You get to explore, seek out clues, and find treasures. Your prize is escaping before the time runs out. You can bond with your family and create fabulous memories together on this holiday. The sweet part of our deal is getting 25% off tickets. This deal is for Easter Sunday only. On the booking page just enter promo code: Easter. Have a Happy Easter on us.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.