Gamers have had an integral role in the development of escape rooms. Many of the video games going back to the 1980’s and forward were point and click adventure games that required players to explore locations, find objects and combine items to solve puzzles by giving commands to the computer. As time went on many gamers wanted to bring their video game fantasies to life in a more immersive setting. Most people remember Dungeons and Dragons, which similar to escape rooms, involved live action scenarios that combined role playing with puzzle solving and sometimes combat. This is just part of the interesting evolution of escape room history.


At Escape Frenzy you don’t have to worry about combat or dressing up, but in our escape rooms you will certainly loose yourselves in the immersive setting of our themed rooms. We spared no expense to make sure you never feel like you are in a slightly decorated office park building. Once you step into our rooms, you feel like you are in a haunted house, a pirate hideout, under the sea discovering Atlantis, or on the scene of a murder in CSI. The puzzles are hands on and the memories all come from reality. It’s time to turn off the console, put down the controller, and become a part of the action. Start living life at Escape Frenzy. Come check out our awesome rooms and let your imaginations flow.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.