Myself and five friends all showed up early to sign in for our first ever escape room. We were paired up with four other people who were pleasant enough. I was a little worried I’d look stupid in front of them not knowing what to do, but they never even noticed. The mystery of what lay behind the door had me giddy with tension. I was nervous and excited all at once. I kept my poker face on as the game master came out to take us into our room. My mind was buzzing with anticipation. The game master said something about not climbing on or moving furniture. How crazy did people get? What had I gotten myself into?


Once we were in the room the door closed and a countdown began. Already I was losing precious seconds and I stood there looking around waiting for something to happen. I quickly realized I needed to make something happen. Some of my friends and the other players started moving slowly around the room figuring out the surroundings. Eventually everyone got more comfortable and started ransacking the room. I stopped and had the thought that I must be hanging out with a bunch of thieves and hooligans, but when in Rome do as the Romans do. I dug in and started looking for clues that might have meaning. The excitement was building as teammates were shouting out things they discovered. We were all hunched over puzzles in groups of 3-4. The next time I looked at the clock we only had 10 minutes left. Someone found a secret compartment and the frenzy went up several notches and my heart was racing. We knew we were close to solving it and only had 45 seconds left. In the end, we missed it by only a few seconds.


Our game master came in to congratulate us on our progress and debrief us on what we missed. We were all talking a mile a minute about what we found, how we felt, and were giggling with delight. I was grateful we had the other player or we would never have gotten as far as we did. My friends and I talked about our experience for weeks and we still laugh every time someone brings it up. I’ve started organizing our next adventure. I think I’m hooked.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.