At Escape Frenzy, we love meeting new guests and watching them enjoy their very first escape rooms! Finding clues and solving puzzles and other challenges is always fun for the adventurous souls who visit us time and time again. However, it’s important to keep in mind not every team will master their room before time runs out, especially if it’s their first time. So here are some things to keep in mind to ensure you have an exciting experience and help your chances of escaping!


  1. Research beforehand. While you don’t necessarily need special knowledge to solve any of our escape room puzzles, you should still familiarize yourself with your room’s theme ahead of time. This can boost your confidence and excitement, both of which you’ll need for a successful escape.
  2. Know your team. Each of our rooms can hold up to 10 people with a minimum of two, though we recommend you have at least four for a better chance of escaping. When you assemble your team, make sure you have a diverse group with a wide range of helpful skills. The more diverse your group, the greater the chance of escape.
  3. Warm up. Get here 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled start time to help get your puzzle juices flowing. You’ll have time to meet with your game master and watch a short video introducing you to Escape Frenzy and your themed room. Your game master will remind you to continuously think outside the box, which will be good to keep in mind when approaching puzzles in your room.
  4. Eat ahead of time. No one likes a hangry teammate. Because you’re in your room for 60 minutes, you won’t want to be hungry while solving puzzles and working with friends. Eating ahead of time will also boost your energy and get your brain juices flowing.
  5. Practice makes perfect. If this is your first ever escape room, keep in mind that it will be a challenge; it always is. You will probably be unsure of what to expect and how the system works. Just remember, if you don’t manage to escape from your first room, don’t get discouraged. You can always try again another time! And having at least one room under your belt will definitely help your chances of escaping the next time.
  6. Have fun! Don’t get too caught up in the competitive nature of the game. Sure, the point is to work hard against the clock! But remember to have fun while doing it. Don’t get stressed or start worrying about how much time is left—this won’t help you escape any faster. Just relax, go with the flow, and have fun!



It’s important to keep these tips in mind, especially if you have yet to experience your first-ever escape room. Interested in the fun and exciting rooms Escape Frenzy has to offer? Check out Our Rooms to begin to immerse yourself in the adventure!