If you live in Minnesota in January, you are probably wondering why. Black ice, shoveling snow, 20 below wind chill, painfully slow traffic, and no sunshine. What are we thinking? If ice fishing as a fun activity makes you sad and depressed, then Escape Frenzy may be your salvation. Take your snowmobile suit off, enjoy indoor heat, and rediscover what fun is. Forget about Minnesota for a while and solve a murder in CSI, try to escape our haunted house, explore the depths of Atlantis, or go on a pirate adventure. Stop trying to hibernate under the blankets and gather your friends for a great time. It is possible to have fun in January, if you know where to go. Don’t stop having fun just because it’s cold. Escape Frenzy is your cure for the winter blues. Go online now to book your escape from the Minnesota cold.

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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.