Only 8% of people succeed on their new year’s resolution. Maybe it’s because they selected one of these top picks that are incredibly difficult: lose weight, get organized, fall in love, or quit smoking. These are admirable goals worthy of a great effort, but hard to see all the way through. Here were a couple more top picks that were probably in the 8% of winners: enjoy life to the fullest and spend more time with family. Also excellent resolutions, which frankly sound a whole lot more attainable and fun. Go with these goals and Escape Frenzy can help you knock it out of the park. Get your new year started off right. No more sitting around watching TV and videos. Book one of our escape rooms for you and your family. Get out, live life, goof around, laugh, and create memories together. Welcome to the 8% club. Who knew being a success could be so much fun.


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You haven’t lived, until you’ve tried to escape.