When you think of a born leader, who comes to mind? You might think of great innovators like Walt Disney or Nikola Tesla, human rights champions like Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr., or intellectual revolutionaries like the Founders. However you define great leadership, the power to motivate others is essential to running a successful organization.


If you’re looking for ways to create strength in leadership and build teamwork among your organization, try adding escape games to the mix. Read on to learn how Escape Frenzy offers a fun and hands-on way to create better leaders and build stronger teams.

Building Leadership

The principles of leadership are so fundamental to business and organizational success that entire schools of study and countless books have been devoted to the subject. Powerful and effective leadership can be the glue that holds a vision and organization together, and it’s the motivating factor that helps create buy-in among a team. It also helps members of a team to realize their full potential.


When it comes to building tomorrow’s leaders, corporate meetings and PowerPoint presentations can only get you so far. With an escape room, your team will get to practice the principles of leadership in a practical setting where they’ll be responsible for working together for a common goal. And the best part is that they’ll have a ton of fun in the process. 

Leading By Example

If the true goal of leadership is to motivate others to their true potential, an escape room is an ideal setting for this. Ineffective leaders try to lead by directing others to do what they need from them. But the most effective leaders rely on this simple principle: Show, don’t tell.


In an escape room, you get to experience pressure in a controlled setting with low stakes. Having team members take turns coordinating the way each team manages the escape room experience gives them an opportunity to experience leading by example. It also allows others to experience taking on a secondary role and learning to respect the important role every member of a team plays.


These are some of the leadership principles you can develop in an escape room setting:

1.   Practice Team-Based Problem-Solving

If you haven’t yet used an escape room for team building, you’re missing a fantastic opportunity for growth. We’ve all known the team members who were sharp and highly capable of independent work but had difficulty delegating responsibility or working with others. The essential lesson is that by bringing others into the problem-solving process, the synergy created can yield powerful results.


Inside the walls of an escape room, your team will have one hour to complete the task at hand and escape the room. Only by working together as a team can each puzzle come together for the ultimate solution in time. Completely immersed in one of four unique settings, your team will be forced to develop a strategy that uses each of their abilities to get the job done, a skill that translates well to the real world.

2.   Create Trust-Based Connections

Creating a sense of trust among coworkers is essential to creating great synergy among your team. While in an escape room, teammates will need to rely on each other to handle tasks while they focus on another aspect of the experience. This gives everyone a chance to shine and contribute something to the team. It’s also a formative step when it comes to building trust.

3.   Build Communication Skills

In a traditional office setting, team members with strong personalities can often take over, for better or for worse. But to make the most of her team, a good leader needs every member of the group to feel comfortable communicating. Spending time in an escape room takes the pressure off and levels the playing field, giving everyone on your team the chance to get comfortable speaking up.

4.   Develop Decisive Leaders

A good leader is capable of weighing all of the options and ultimately making the final decision for his or her team. When several possibilities are on the table, they need to be able to forge a plan. Leadership will also need to coordinate among team members and keep everyone’s eyes on the prize.

Schedule Your Escape Room for Corporate Events and Leadership Training

Using our Escape Frenzy escape room for team building is a good way to learn what unique skills everyone on your team has to offer. It’s also a chance to break out of the routine while reflecting on the cohesiveness of your group.


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