A well-executed escape room is a one-of-a-kind experience. Working with members of a team, you and our friends or family try to solve the puzzle and overcome the challenge of your designated adventure. But a fun escape room adventure is actually something of a design masterpiece. To pull off the perfect escape room hour for our guests, we work hard to put together all the right ingredients for a fun evening out.


If you love the thrill of a good escape room, our Twin Cities escape games team at Escape Frenzy has four unique escape rooms to challenge your mind. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about the elements that come together to pull off a perfect escape room experience.

Creating the Perfect Recipe

Putting together an escape room might seem simple on the surface. But putting together the right ingredients is actually something of an art for gaming experts. Ideally, an escape room should challenge you so that completing it in under an hour is difficult but possible.


At the same time, an escape room shouldn’t be easy to complete right away. After all, it would be no fun to solve the puzzle without having to work for it. When our escape games experts put together an escape room, we’re focused on achieving the perfect balance of challenge while making the goal attainable for our guests.

Creating the Challenge

There are several key elements that make an escape room challenging. When building the overall escape room experience, gaming engineers weigh the time it takes to solve each puzzle against the challenge posed by each clue. It should also encourage teammates to work together to solve them.


Here are a few examples of clue types you’ll find in a good escape room:


●        Clues that stand alone and can be solved right away

●        Clues that work together with a combination of other clues

●        Clues that are visible and easily found

●        Clues hiding in plain sight

Communication is the Name of the Game

Most escape rooms are designed to require a team effort to overcome. This is why they’re fantastic team-building exercises for everyone from youth groups to corporate teams.


The idea is that everyone brings their own unique point-of-view and insight to the game. That puts communication with your teammates front and center as a key to puzzle-solving. You’ll need to work together to share ideas and ask the right questions.

Set a Course for Adventure

Just as every dish has a key ingredient that makes it stand out, a well-crafted escape room should give its puzzle-solvers a sense of escape in more than one way. In other words, a good escape room will help you and your team escape from the reality of everyday life for a while with a full-blown adventure. You’ll leave behind the world of technology and screen time to be fully immersed in a new world where your sole focus is on solving the puzzle and saving the day.


At Escape Frenzy, we offer four uniquely exciting escape room themes:

1.   CSI Crime Scene Escape Room

If you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough of forensics TV shows, you’ll love the chance to become an investigator in your own true crime tale. This CSI adventure pits escape room guests against a corrupt legal system and a notorious gangster for the ultimate crime-solving challenge. If you find the murder weapon and evidence, you can put this bad guy away for good.

2.   Haunted Escape Room

If your idea of a good time is all about chills and thrills, you’ll love embracing the full-on fear factor of our haunted house escape room adventure. You and the gang will step into a haunted house for the night. Will you escape, or will you become permanent residents? Solve the clues to determine your fate.

3.   Pirate’s Revenge Escape Room

Arrr, mateys. If you’ve always dreamed of what it would be like to sail with Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate escape room transports you to the Pirate Golden Age of treasure and pirate mischief. Defeat the dread Captain Hawkins and win back your treasure or meet your end in Davy Jones’ locker in this immersive tale.  

4.   The Search for Atlantis Escape Room

Is there anything mysterious as the lost city of Atlantis? Pursue the mystery that’s haunted treasure hunters and wanderers through the ages in our Atlantis escape room adventure. Embrace the secrets of the sea and unlock the keys to treasures untold as you hunt for the ancient lost city.

Embrace Your Escape Room Minneapolis Adventure

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a whole new reality and take on an adventure you won’t soon forget, all you have to do is choose which escape room adventure to embark on. An escape room is a challenging and fun adventure that brings families and friends together without screens.


If you’re bored of the same old night at the movies, it’s time to up your adventure game and take on the next-level challenge of an escape room. Give us a call to schedule your escape room fun at 952.941.9999, or contact us online to find out about parties and special events.