January in the Twin Cities means we’re in the heart of winter’s bitter chill, and fun in the sun can seem ages away. With the holiday season behind us, it can be easy to feel burned out from spending so much time indoors, especially if you’re not into snowmobiles, skiing, or ice fishing. Between the prospect of another snowstorm at any time and the cloudy, dark skies, this is the time of year when millions of Minnesota residents start to feel the winter blues.


Before you start another episode of whatever series you’re binge-watching, we’d like to suggest a more interactive indoor winter activity. In this article, our Escape Frenzy, Twin Cities escape room experts share why beating the blues in an escape room this season is the best winter decision you’ll make.


Breaking Out of the Routine

Has this ever happened to you? You’re hanging out with your friends or significant other trying to think of something fun to entertain yourselves with this weekend. The suggestions are the same boring things you do every week: go to dinner, see a movie, or watch Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with any of those activities, but they can start to get old when that’s how you spend every weekend.


If you’re looking for a way to break away from the ordinary and beat the routine, try visiting an escape room. An escape room is an interactive and engaging way to spend some time away from screens and create a new memory together.


What is an Escape Room?

If you’ve never been to an escape room before, you may find yourself wondering what to expect. An escape room is an immersive adventure experience in the form of a one-hour puzzle game. You and your friends or family will start by deciding which escape room you want to complete.


Once you’ve chosen, you’ll put away your phones for one hour, in which time you’ll be locked into a themed escape room together. The goal is to solve a series of interconnected puzzles to be found hidden throughout the room. Once you finish your mission, you’ll  “escape the room” like the champions you are!


Immerse yourselves in one of these four thrilling adventures:


1.      The Haunted House Escape Room

If your favorite ride at Walt Disney World is the Haunted Mansion, or you love spooky mysteries like Scooby-Doo and Supernatural, you’ll absolutely love our haunted escape room adventure. Imagine your team tiptoeing through Salem Place, the haunted house on the hill that’s alive with mysteries and ghouls alike. Can you and your team escape before the house takes you as its next victims? 


2.      CSI Crime Scene Escape Room

If your idea of a great mystery is more terrestrial, and you love true crime and forensic crime TV or great mafia films, perhaps our CSI escape room is more your cup of tea. There’s nothing quite like a good detective story. Be the anti-hero in your own film noir just like Jack Nicholson in Chinatown as you join the ranks of an elite CSI unit to track down notorious mobster Bugsy Milano.


3.      Atlantis Escape Room

The ocean holds ancient wonders and secrets untold, and they’re waiting to be discovered by marine adventurers. Embark on a submarine adventure as you pursue ancient maps to the lost city of Atlantis many thousands of leagues under the sea. Connect myth and legend before your oxygen supply runs out, and learn the truth about the mystical city before it’s lost to the ages.


4.      Pirate Escape Room

For more adventures on the seven seas, capture the spirit of a pirate captain and his hearties with a spirited pirate adventure. X marks the spot in this briny high seas adventure as you and your mates take on that scoundrel Captain Hawkins. Retrieve your gold and treasure before your time runs out and prove that you’re the true masters of the deep.


Solving Your Escape Puzzle Room

With a team of up to ten friends, family, or coworkers, you and your crew will be introduced to your adventure with a short introductory video explaining the story and rules. You’ll then have exactly one hour to solve the puzzles and escape your room. You’ll search high and low to find clues hidden all over the room stashed in books and art or even hiding in plain sight.


Clues can be lurking anywhere, and solving them will require your entire group to think outside of the box. Perhaps you’ll find a combination of numbers or a code of secret letters. Some clues open locks while others lead to hidden keys. You never know where the next clue could be hidden!


Escape from Boredom and Embrace the Puzzle at our Minnesota Escape Room!

If you’re ready to do something exciting for a change, it’s time to embrace the adventure of our Twin Cities puzzle rooms. At Escape Frenzy in Minneapolis, your adventure awaits.


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