It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go, and that means it’s time to start planning for holiday parties. Whether you’re planning a celebration for your office, friends, church group, or family, there’s one way to completely wow everyone this year while creating lasting memories. Rather than simply hanging out and playing Secret Santa this year, why not elevate your holiday party with the ultimate escape?


At Escape Frenzy, our Twin Cities escape room experts offer four thrilling escape rooms to keep your celebration lively this holiday season while your relatives are in town. In this article, we’ll talk about how an escape room Christmas party is the ultimate holiday thrill.


Escape the Traditional

Sweet silver bells are ringing, and Dean Martin is crooning over every retail store speaker, which means it’s time to start planning your annual Christmas party. Everyone loves a holiday party, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing you do every year. If your typical holiday season is packed with ugly sweater parties and ironic gift exchanges, it might be time to shake things up by planning something extraordinary this year.


Not only will you get everyone in the spirit for sharing by creating fun memories to last all year long, but you’ll be giving everyone a chance to do something interactive and engaging. When you’ve got friends and family coming from out of town, working together to solve our escape room puzzles is the perfect way to get everyone talking. It’s also the perfect icebreaker for office parties with a chance to throw in a little teambuilding for good measure.


Engaging Holiday Fun

The fun of an escape room is in working together to solve puzzle after puzzle, making your way through a fun adventure one step at a time. Escape Frenzy offers four thrilling escape room stories to choose from. How about something a little spooky like a Haunted House escape room adventure? Or perhaps you’d like to check out our Pirate’s Revenge escape room.


Check out these great reasons to escape the ordinary with your holiday party this year:


1.      Do Something Different for a Chance

We all love our Christmas celebrations, but after weeks of ugly sweater parties and office gift swaps, why not do something extraordinary for a change? An escape room puts your party front and center for adventure. You’ll be the stars of your own action film as you unlock the mystery of the lost city of Atlantis or work together to unravel an organized crime syndicate in our CSI escape room.


2.      Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The best part of an escape room is working together with everyone else in your party to work your way through each puzzle. You’ll find yourselves putting your wits to the ultimate test as you share knowledge and insight to unlock clues.


Each clue unlocks the next step in the puzzle as you race against the clock to find secret codes and decipher challenging hints. With only one hour to finish the puzzle and “escape,” the excitement and laughter will flow freely.


3.      Take a Break from Social Media

We’re living in the digital age, and it’s not uncommon for a party to end up as a group of several people all staring at their phones. An escape room gets everyone talking and interacting with each other sans technology.


As you enter our escape room, you’ll hand in your phones so you can unplug throughout your escape room experience. But don’t worry! We’ll keep your devices safely tucked away in a locked trunk for when you’re ready to share your experience on Facebook after you’ve solved the puzzle!


4.      Be the Hero of Your Story

When you were a kid, chances are you relished in pretending to be someone you’re not, like Indiana Jones, a pirate, or a ghostbuster. Here at Escape Frenzy, we think it’s tragic that kids should have all the adventures. That’s why when you visit our escape room, you’ll have the chance to solve your own ghostly adventure just like Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine Gang.


Or perhaps you’ll be Jack Nicholson in Chinatown as you work through our CSI escape room. And if you want to wear a tricorn hat and an eyepatch when you step into our pirate-themed escape room, more power to you!


Deck the Halls With Twin Cities Escape Room Fun This Holiday Season

Whether you’re in charge of planning a holiday party for your religious study group or office, or if you’re looking for ways to keep your family entertained this holiday season, escape with us! If you’re ready for an exciting adventure that everyone will be talking about all year long, come visit us at Escape Frenzy in Minneapolis for a fun party you won’t soon forget. Call us to schedule your Escape Frenzy Christmas party at 952.941.9999, or contact us online to find out about reserving rooms for your entire group.