Halloween is behind us, which means the holiday season is about to kick into full swing. But before we start hiding Christmas gifts and decorating the tree, we need to think about Thanksgiving—that special time of year when we all load up on turkey and spend time with family. For most families, part of the Thanksgiving fun is spending time together kicking around a football or breaking out the Monopoly board. But if your family is looking for a fun, new way to spice up your turkey day, we’ve got the perfect solution.


If you’re still putting together your family Thanksgiving week plans, try visiting one of our escape rooms at Escape Frenzy while your relatives are in town. With four exciting escape rooms to choose from, you’ll have a great time making memories that last a lifetime.


Traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Like the holiday observance itself, many current U.S. Thanksgiving traditions go back to the early settlers’ English roots. Giving thanks for one’s bounty in life has religious roots, but it is celebrated by Americans of many belief systems today regardless of their faith background.


The most common way for families to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States is to sit down and share a large feast together. Some families take a moment for silent observance, prayer, or the spoken expression of gratitude before the meal. Regardless of what your traditions are, it’s very common to gather together with extended families and friends on this day of gratitude.


Getting Everyone Together

When Thanksgiving week means family members flying or driving into town for the week, the holiday can seem like it lasts for days. If you’re looking for a fun new tradition to add to your annual festivities, consider visiting an escape room.


At Escape Frenzy, you can defeat one of our four exciting escape rooms together as a team. Do you fancy a pirate’s adventure? Visit our Pirate’s Revenge escape room. How about something a little spooky like a Haunted House escape room adventure? You and your family or friends will have one hour to solve all of our puzzles and win the day!


Here are a few great reasons to dive into an escape room while everyone’s in town:


1.      Break from the Ordinary

Thanksgiving can be a lot of fun, but after a while, watching TV together and overeating can get old. Visiting an escape room means breaking out of the everyday life and embarking on an exciting adventure together. In our Atlantis escape puzzle room, you’ll adventure to the depths of the ocean to learn the mysteries of Atlantis. Or take on organized crime together using CSI techniques in our crime scene escape room.


2.      Work Together to Save the Day

To solve your escape room, your family and friends must work together to solve a series of interconnected puzzles. The fun of working an escape room is in sharing ideas and working through possible solutions. You’ll have exactly one hour to work through your puzzle and “escape” the room.


From looking for clues in unusual places to working through word puzzles, you might be surprised at who comes up with the right answers! After all, teamwork makes the dream work!


3.      Unplug From the Digital World

Few things are more frustrating than hanging out with your tweens, teens, or even adult family only to realize everyone is staring dully at their phones or tablets. It’s exciting to have all of that technology at your fingertips, but it can also detract from time spent together when everyone is plugged in and hanging out online.


When you visit Escape Frenzy, you’ll have a chance to unplug. We’ll store your phones safely in a locked trunk so you can focus on connecting the old-fashioned way. No Wi-Fi required.



4.      Get Lost in a World of Make-Believe

The fun of working through escape room puzzles is only one of the reasons you’ll love sharing an escape room adventure with your family and friends. Do you remember how fun it was to pretend to be a pirate as a kid?


Relive the adventure while solving the Pirate’s Revenge escape room as you try to get your treasure back from old Captain Hawkins and his band of scalawags. And if you feel the need to dress as pirates when you come, we won’t judge you for it!


Give Thanks for Fun at One of Our Exciting Twin Cities Escape Rooms

You’re probably already busy making plans for Thanksgiving week when your loved ones show up to share in love and laughter. More than likely, those plans include a turkey-induced nap or a Black Friday campout. But if it’s time for a new tradition, we’ve got you covered at Escape Frenzy in Minneapolis.


Whether you’re solving our CSI escape room or journeying to Atlantis, you’ll have an adventure you won’t soon forget. Schedule your Escape Frenzy Thanksgiving fun by calling us at 952.941.9999, or contact us online to schedule your family team.