The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. There seems to be no end to planning all the details. First you make the guest list, then plan out the menu, clean the house, prepare all the food, greet the guests, and feed everyone. No sooner do you start clearing dishes and packing up food than you realize the family is getting restless and looking bored. As if you didn’t have enough to do, now you have to find a fun family activity for ages 8 to 80?!


What on earth can you come up with that fun to do for all ages? It’s cold, so everything outdoors is a bust. The kids are the only ones who want to go drive go-carts. Physically active things won’t work for the grandparents. Board games are just a forgettable time killer, and no one will be able to agree on a movie.


This holiday season let Escape Frenzy provide the entertainment. We have four amazing escape rooms that are fantastic for family bonding. Family members of all ages love searching for clues and solving puzzles. This is hands on, live action, entertainment for the whole family. Not only will they have a blast, the memories will last forever. Get your escape room booked now for the holidays and rest assured you have the entertainment covered. Book your next adventure at Escape Frenzy, and sit back and enjoy the holidays.


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You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to escape.