After a long, hot summer, the cool days of autumn are finally upon us, and that means soon we’ll all be enjoying pumpkin spice everything and getting ready for Halloween. For Halloween lovers, the sight of pumpkins on neighborhood front porches and the sound of crisp leaves under feet are exciting reminders of spooky thrills. And then there are the spooky thrills of spider webs, ghostly ghouls, witchy black cats, and vampire bats everywhere!


If you’re the type of person who loves nothing more than sitting down with a scary movie watch list or stepping into a thrilling haunted house, we’ve got a new idea for you this year. At Escape Frenzy in Minnesota, we’ve added thrills and chills to the excitement of a puzzle escape room in our Haunted House escape room adventure. If you’ve never been to a haunted house escape room, you’re in for a wickedly good treat.


The History of Haunted Houses

In 2019, haunted houses and attractions pop up all over cities across America every Halloween. Whether you’re walking through an abandoned warehouse that’s been converted to a zombie-infested research facility or you’re riding through haunted trails, it’s all about the thrills.


Long before haunted houses existed, people loved giving themselves a good scare. In the 19th century, folks flocked to see Marie Tussaud’s wax depictions of historical horrors. And from the ouija boards and seances of the Victorian era to the first silent horror films, the thrill of a good fright has become a favorite diversion for countless millions over the years. The earliest haunted houses were created in basements or attics for Halloween parties. But Walt Disney’s iconic Haunted Mansion attraction elevated the low-rent thrills to an American tradition.


Taking it to the Next Spooky Level

For several decades, haunted houses continued to grow in popularity. Eventually, you could find several in every major American city when October rolled around. These days, thousands of haunted houses are found across the country, often relying on horror film themes, urban legends, and jump scares to give visitors a thrill.


Over the years, haunted attractions have morphed and changed. Today, you can likely schedule a different Halloween event every weekend from September through November 1st. But if you’ve had enough of zombie runs and spooky parties, a haunted escape room is  a fun way to round out the scariest of holidays.


Welcome to our Escape Frenzy Haunted House

One of the things that makes our haunted house escape room different from traditional Halloween thrills is that you’re in the driver’s seat of this adventure. An escape room is like a Choose Your Own Adventure version of a traditional haunted house.


The story goes like this: You and your friends try your hand at an ouija board, but you can’t get in touch with any willing spirits. Bored and ready for a real thrill, you pose the ultimate challenge by daring your friends to check out a nearby haunted house located on the outskirts of the city. They’re all game, so you take a ride out to Salem Place, an abandoned mansion where six families have died. But will the curse of Salem Place take you, too?


Chills Lurking Around Every Corner

As you pull up to the house, you and your friends are laughing and joking. You blow off the rumors of homicides and bizarre claims by neighbors as local legend as you crest the hill and turn onto the long, winding drive to the fog-enveloped house. As you come upon the house, you momentarily spot a shadow across a darkened window, but you check yourself for your silliness as you enter the dusty, derelict mansion.


“This isn’t so bad,” you think as the door closes behind you and you make your way through the empty halls. But soon, it becomes abundantly clear that getting out is a lot harder than getting in was.


How Your Haunted Adventure Works

Just like the Mystery Machine gang, you and up to nine of your closest friends and family will work together to solve puzzles and work your way through our escape room. Each session runs for one full hour. After your whole team has arrived, you’ll get introduced to the escape room with a quick video of the rules and background story about your room. You’ll have one hour to find the answers and make your escape before the spirits claim you for eternity!


The haunted house escape room is perfect for all kinds of groups like these:


●        Corporate team building

●        Family game night for tweens and up

●        Friends’ night out


All the Cool Ghouls are at our Minneapolis Haunted Escape Room

When you’re putting together your Halloween bucket list this year, right next to “make candy apples” and “do the monster mash,” don’t forget to add “visit a haunted escape room.” At our Salem Place haunted escape room, you’ll live out your own scary movie as you work together with your friends or family to save the day and escape.


If there was ever a time for escaping the ordinary, Halloween is the perfect moment. Once you’ve completed our Escape Frenzy haunted adventure, you’ll get an opportunity to schedule your next visit. For more thrills, fans of true crime and mafia stories can try our CSI escape room. Or try becoming a pirate or adventuring to Atlantis! Schedule your Escape Frenzy Halloween visit by contacting our team at 952.941.9999, or contact us online to check out our escape room reviews.