Want a new and exciting way to get your employees out of the office and strengthen their relationships? Escape rooms have become a favorite corporate team building experience over the past few years. These challenging puzzles not only offer a fun way to get the team out of the office and learn more about each other but also have team-building exercises built right in!

Discovering Team Strengths

Find out who your leader is, who the problem-solver is, and who puts their creative insights to work to crack the code. This live-action interactive event will give you an up-close opportunity to watch how your team works together. Escape room games are an inexpensive way to hit your team building goals, all while getting a high return on investment for both your employees and the company. Maybe you bring your whole staff, perhaps you bring specific departments — the choice is up to you. The excitement of the event causes players to let down their guard so you can see the real employee. See how they work under pressure in a unique scenario they could never prepare for.

How Does It Work?

After arriving to Escape Frenzy in Minneapolis, your team will be greeted by one of our game masters and will get a quick rundown of how the rooms work. With one hour on the clock, your groups will have to work together to solve the mystery using clues throughout the room before the timer is up. This is a unique and fun opportunity for your employees to have fun, learn more about each other, and strengthen their bonds in and out of the office!


Book Your Escape Room in Minneapolis Today!

Discover how your staff members come together to cooperate and communicate in this most unusual and exciting challenge. Contact Escape Frenzy today to book your private event in one or more of our uniquely themed rooms: Pirate’s Revenge, The Search for Atlantis, C.S.I., or The Haunted House.


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