There are two kinds of people in every escape room. There are those who are just for the camaraderie and experience, approaching their escape room time casually without a care for the ticking clock. To those folks, hanging out with friends and creating memories is what makes the evening, and if they win, it will be the icing on the cake. But then there are those of us who understand that the best part of an evening at an Escape Frenzy escape room is the taste of sweet, sweet victory against the clock.


For these folks, life is a competition, and there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing they gave it their all and beat their personal best escape room time. If you’ve got your sights set on escape room winning, follow this advice to take home all the glory.


Bringing Your Competitive Edge to the Escape Room

If you’re the type of player who approaches every game from Texas Hold ‘Em to Monopoly with the eye of the tiger, an escape room has a lot to offer your competitive side. In our four escape rooms, you and your team are essentially playing against the clock.


You’ll have one hour to solve all of the puzzles and complete your mission, whether that’s solving the crime or getting back your stolen pirate’s treasure. You can also raise the competitive bar by going for your best time against a group of friends in another escape room. For the perfect prize, let the second-place team pay for your next escape room visit! Or compete against yourselves by trying an escape room again to see how fast you can get through it.


1.      Know What to Expect

It’s a good idea to do a little recon before you show up for your escape room visit. Spend some time reading up on sample escape room puzzles, and don’t be afraid to ask our staff any question you might have ahead of time!


When you arrive in your room, you’ll have an idea of what kinds of clues to look for and an edge over the typical player. You’ll want to search the room completely for potential clues from the moment you arrive. After all, you don’t have a moment to spare.


2.      Stay Focused

We work hard to make sure our escape rooms are detailed and filled with interesting items to make your escape room experience more complete. In our pirate room, for example, you’ll be surrounded by details that hearken back to a pirate’s life on the open sea.


It might be tempting to look at everything and get caught up in the details, but you need to stay focused. Take a moment to take it all in, but don’t forget to keep your eyes on the prize.


3.      Keep Your Team Spirit High

Just because you’re a natural born competitor doesn’t mean your teammates are. It doesn’t matter how good you are at finding and solving clues if your team isn’t all on the same page.


Try to encourage your teammates and let them know they’re appreciated. If you’re taking it too seriously, no one will have a good time. And never underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned high-five. Remember, a victory shared is the best kind!


4.      Give Everyone a Role

The great thing about a trip to our escape rooms with your friends is that everyone has something special to bring to the team. A good leader will encourage everyone to use their individual skills and contribute to the team in their own unique ways.


Talk to your team before you start the game and encourage everyone to take on a role. Put your most detail-oriented pal in charge of looking for clues. If you’ve got a more academically-minded teammate, make them the executive puzzle master.


5.      Be Purposeful With Your Hints

It’s important to use your hints wisely. Don’t use them before you absolutely need them because they won’t be there for you when you come across a hard puzzle.


On the other hand, it can be tempting to hang onto your hints even when you need them. Once you feel like you’ve been staring at a puzzle too long, it can be tough to get a fresh perspective. That’s the perfect time to call on your hint.


6.      Celebrate Your Victory

When it’s all said and done, win or lose, there’s only one thing left to do: celebrate your hard work! Even if you don’t make the record time you were hoping for, you’ve given it your all and put in a commendable effort with some of your favorite people.


After you leave, treat yourself to ice cream or lattes afterward and talk about your successes and experience. And of course, don’t forget to schedule your next visit! After all, there are four rooms to try your hand at!


Four Minneapolis Escape Room Adventures for the Win!

If you’re ready to use your competitive streak for something a little more hands-on than hours of Halo, give one of our escape rooms a go. Escape Frenzy escape rooms are a fantastic way to bond with friends and family that gets everyone off their electronic devices for a real-world adventure. Try on a true adventure as a swashbuckling pirate, a ghost whisperer, ocean adventurer, or a crime scene investigator.


Whether you’re competitive or you just want to give your teens a chance to unplug, Minnesota escape rooms have something for everyone. And never underestimate the value of an escape room for team building. Reserve your Escape Frenzy adventure by calling us at 952.941.9999, or contact a member of our team online to learn more.