Summer is a season full of vacations, beach days, and for families to come together and enjoy some of our favorite holidays and catch up from a long winter. They travel from near and far to gather, reconnect, and create new memories! One of the best ways to forge new memories is through interactive and hands-on activities. While you could sit around watching TV or playing Go-Fish, that doesn’t sound like the most riveting way to pass the time. Aunt Betty can’t go downhill skiing, and Uncle Steve is still grumbling about last year’s paintball fiasco and blaming you for the arthritis in his hip from where you shot him three times.


Before he starts telling you how Vietnam wasn’t as cut throat as you were, it’s time to suggest Escape Frenzy as a new activity for the whole family. Everyone can participate in an escape room game, and coming together to solve puzzles and find clues will give everyone a thrill! Break the typical family reunion mold as you try to breakout before the clock runs out on your escape.


Escape Frenzy has four uniquely-themed rooms:

●        CSI

●        Pirate’s Revenge

●        Haunted House

●        Search for Atlantis


Each of these themed escape rooms will appeal to the whole family, or break up into teams to tackle your favorite theme.


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