There’s nothing like a night out with your friends, especially if your group of friends is a quirky group of mixed personalities that gets into all sorts of shenanigans together. The longer your circle of friends has been together, the more you know what to expect from whom. A night out at Minneapolis’ premier escape room venue, Escape Frenzy, can bring all of your fantastic personalities together for a great time you won’t soon forget.


At an escape room, everyone brings something different to the table to help your team solve the puzzle. But what’s your escape room teammate personality? In this blog post, we help you figure out where you fit in the escape room lineup.


1.      The Born Leader

The born leader takes charge in just about every situation. You know that friend who calls you up and tells you it’s time for a night of dancing and karaoke and somehow manages to persuade you every single time? That’s the born leader. The born leader takes charge of every situation even when there’s no need for it. They keep things moving along with their infectious gusto, even if they can sometimes get a little bossy.


2.      The Cheerleader

The Cheerleader is that friend who always remembers your birthday and brings the party everywhere they go. They might not be much help with the puzzles, but the Cheerleader is a must for any team. He or she has all the jokes and lightens the mood to keep everyone from taking the puzzle or themselves too seriously.


3.      The Nerd of all Trades

Easily the most academic of your team, the Nerd is your resident Big Bang Theory extra. Her head is filled with random knowledge that would stun Alex Trebek, and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s never been more in her element than when solving an escape room puzzle, and it’s a wonder to behold.


4.      The Casual Observer

The casual observer doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s mostly along for the ride, but he’s down for anything, and he’s likely to surprise you with an escape room answer that seems to come out of nowhere.


5.      The Enforcer

Think of the Enforcer as the Lieutenant Commander of your team. They let the Born Leader direct everyone, but they’re right there to help delegate and give everyone a push when they need it. Usually the friend with a natural gift for bluntness, they’re all business when it comes to getting the job done and they know how to rally their resources.


A Minneapolis Pirate Escape Room Adventure

A night out at a Minneapolis escape room adventure is the perfect chance to bring all of your friends together where all your personalities can shine. Whether you’re the bossy one or the guy who’s just there for the Instagram breakdown afterward, you’ll all have a blast solving your escape room puzzle together.


Grab your eye patch and peg leg for a pirate’s adventure or embark on a search for the lost city of Atlantis. Or try your hand at fighting crime with our CSI room. To reserve a room for your Escape Frenzy adventure, call us at 952.941.9999, or connect with our team online.