The landscape of entertainment has changed immensely over the last 10 to 15 years. In the past, people would schedule their lives and activities around television programming so they could enjoy their favorite show. Today, people lead busier lives and want entertainment on their own time table. They want their entertainment to be available, accessible, and on demand!


Interactive Entertainment on the Rise

The other big shift in entertainment is the degree of participation. Twenty years ago most people were content to sit passively in an audience, or on the sofa, while they were entertained, but were left with few lasting memories. These days’ people want to be involved and actively participate in their entertainment. The tradeoff is more excitement, more fun, and memories of themselves in the storyline!


Escape Room Games

At Escape Frenzy, our escape rooms are all about live-action entertainment. You are the participant, you direct the action, and the memories are all yours. Our escape room games entertain you with clues, puzzles, twists, and turns. Enhancing and intensifying your entertainment are the emotions you experience such as shock, surprise, excitement, suspense, anticipation, and much more. Our interactive escape rooms are available every day of the week, whenever you are ready to test your skills.


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