“My name is Steve, and I am an escape room addict.” I have not been able to find a 12 step meeting, so I am back at Escape Frenzy indulging and perpetuating my addiction. The staff here are supportive and are trying to reassure me that everyone has their faults and that it’s OK to be human. My spiral into escape room addiction was rapid and only started a year and a half ago here at Escape Frenzy. I used to be an average everyday guy; job, home, family, the usual. I read an article about Escape Frenzy opening up in Edina, just down the road from where we live. I had never heard of escape rooms but the concept sounded interesting, and I thought the family might have some fun together. After my first experience, I knew I was hooked. I had never had so much fun, and the natural high was out of this world. Time stood still and flew by so fast I couldn’t believe it was over before I knew it. The excitement, the adrenaline, the conquest, and the sheer joy of it all.

I was distracted all week at work, and my thoughts kept going back to Escape Frenzy. I was replaying the game in my mind and fantasizing about the next room I would play. I kept pestering my family to go the following weekend again, but apparently, they felt it was more important to visit grandma. I had to stay home to get ready for my “big work presentation on Monday.” I brought a few of my friends to Escape Frenzy that weekend and the second time was even better than the first. It was nostalgic and novel all at once. I was a seasoned expert for my friends and still felt like a kid in the candy store myself. We played, we solved puzzles, we laughed, and we conquered. With my first win under my belt, I knew that I had to win more.

I’ve tried other escape rooms, and they were fun and all, but nothing measures up to that first experience at Escape Frenzy. Sometimes when I walk the dog, we’ll go down that road just to see the sign in the window. Buster doesn’t seem to mind; in fact, I think he might enjoy an escape room himself. With his sense of smell, he could be a real asset to the team. I’m here at Escape Frenzy tonight with Tom. When I met him on the bus to work this morning, he seemed really interested in trying it out. If he loves it as much as I do, he could easily turn into my new best friend. I’ve heard that addictions are only dangerous if they mess up your life. So far, this has just made my life better. You should give it a try. I’d be happy to go with you.

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