If you’re a youth minister or a volunteer with your church’s youth group, you know how incredibly exciting it can be to work around young people. Teenage years are a fun time filled with energy and an unquenchable thirst to constantly have fun. With all of that energy, it can be hard to find new and interesting ways to bring your youth group together.


If you’ve never considered an escape room, it’s the perfect adventure for a youth group outing. Our team at Escape Frenzy put together this helpful guide that explains some of the best reasons to take your youth group on an escape room outing.


1.      It’s a Great Way to Build Unity and Fellowship.

One of the things young people love about participating in a youth group is the chance to connect with other kids their age. A youth group offers a special place where everyone shares their faith in common.


That’s why it’s so important to give your teens plenty of opportunities for great fellowship. Working together to solve escape room puzzles will build unity among your youth group and give them something special to bond over.


2.      It’s Full of Teachable Moments.

Working together to solve puzzles requires teamwork, patience, and fortitude. For youth group ministers, there are more teachable moments wrapped up in an escape room adventure than you’ll have time for in one lesson.


Whether you’re teaching your youth about the virtues of listening to each other or treating others’ opinions with respect, you’ll find plenty of material in our escape rooms.


3.      The Memories Will Last a Lifetime

Being a teenager is like no other time in life. It’s the end of childhood and the beginning of stretching into one’s own personality as an adult ready to face the world.


The memories that teens make during their youth group adventures are ones they’ll draw on some day when they’re raising their own children. With four escape rooms to choose from, you’ll be giving your youth group incredible memories they’ll have throughout their lives.


A Minneapolis Escape Room For Group Events

An escape room adventure at Escape Frenzy in Minnesota is the perfect group outing for your young people. Each room can hold up to ten players, and sessions last 60 minutes.


Players age 13-14 require a parent or guardian present, while players 15-17 years old can play with a parent’s signature. We’ve got four escape room adventures to choose from: a pirate escape room, a haunted escape room, an Atlantis adventure, and even a crime scene. Call us to find out about scheduling your group at 952.941.9999, or book your room by contacting us online.