Gangsters, mobsters, the mafia and more! Hollywood has successfully glorified these crime syndicates for our entertainment for years, and bringing those themes into escape rooms is no exception.


History in the Making

In the 1920’s, President Hoover actually expanded the FBI following prohibition as organized crime sprang into existence trafficking alcohol. John Dillinger, a famous mobster, was even taken down by the FBI. Mobsters flourished for the next 40 years, and by the 1960’s there were more than twenty mob families around the country generating roughly 7 billion dollars in revenue. Over the years, we all came to know famous mobsters like Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Whitey Bulger, and more.


C.S.I. Escape Room

There is no shortage of special agent themed escape rooms floating around, but Escape Frenzy brings you something much more interesting. Our C.S.I. escape room game joins the 1920’s mob scene with modern day crime scene investigation. You get the rare opportunity to put the skills you have learned watching several C.S.I. TV series over the last decade into action. Bring your modern day knowledge to bear on this roaring 20’s set. Police have been called to the scene of a murder by none other than a notorious mob boss, Bugsy Milano. Taken into custody, you have only an hour to find the evidence to keep him locked up for good.


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