It’s date night again, and you’re super excited to hang out with your special someone. But when the clock starts to tick down to your big evening out, you find yourselves less than excited about another evening of the same old dinner and a movie. Has this ever been you?


If you’re ready to give “dinner and a movie” a break and do something a little more thrilling, we’ve got just the thing. Read on to learn why your escape puzzle room gurus at Escape Frenzy have the perfect double date night on tap for you and your significant other.


1.      It’s an Adventure

Let’s face it: movie-dinner dates are barely one step up from couch potato nights in front of Netflix. Rather than watching The Rock have all the fun on the big screen, it’s time to choose your own adventure! We’ve got four great choices so you can keep the adventure going time and time again. Choose from the thrills and chills of our Haunted House themed escape room, or go on a swashbuckling adventure as a pirate! Whether you’re exploring the deep seas in the search for Atlantis or solving crimes, you’ll have an amazing time.


2.      It’s Interactive

Typical movie dates mean you’re looking at the screen rather than each other’s faces. Instead of passively watching superheroes battle monsters on screen, you’ll get to try your own hand at heroics side by side with your favorite date and a couple of good friends. You’ll be making memories you won’t soon forget as you unlock the key to one mystery after another.


3.      It’s a Great Way to Get to Know Each Other

An escape room offers the perfect opportunity to get to know each other without all the awkward pressure of the lingering silence between dinner courses. With an escape room, there’s never a dull moment, which means you can relax and just focus on having a great time. Besides, the way someone solves a puzzle room reveals a lot about them! Are they a leader? The word geek? A hero who shows grace under pressure? There’s only one way to find out!


Have the Perfect Double Date at a Minnesota Escape Room

If you’re ready to have a night you won’t soon forget, give us a call at Escape Frenzy in Minnesota! You’ll be solving all kinds of problems and puzzles together as you work your way through a puzzle room with your date.


Whether you’re sailing the seven seas in search of your stolen treasure or caught in a supernatural adventure, you’ll have an amazing time you’ll be talking about for ages. Call to schedule your escape room adventure at 952.941.9999, or book a room for you and your friends by contacting us online.